Thailand Starter Kit: Save Cash, Land a Job, Avoid Pitfalls, and More



Product Description

The Ultimate Guide to Living in Thailand

Shows You How to Land Your Dream Job,
Unlock the Secret Saving Strategies That’ll Save
You Thousands of Dollars
, and Stay in
Thailand Long-term

Find out how to save money, time, and skip the long and tiresome
immigration lines

In This Kit You’ll Find Out:

  • How to get the competitive edge and make yourself marketable in
    Thailand’s workplace
  • Strategies to save you over $100 when making international money
  • The easiest way to open a Thai bank account and credit card
  • The loyalty reward programs that earn you maximum points, free flights,
    and first class upgrades
  • How to save 20% on condo rental or purchase contracts
  • How to find low-costing but high-quality insurance coverage for expats
    plus tips to reduce your medical fees
  • How to cut hundreds of dollars off your food, furniture, clothing, and
    monthly utility costs
  • How to find affordable gyms with premium services—and where to exercise
    for free
  • How to get budget, yet expert, legal advice and free consultations

This is Not Your Average Thailand Guide

Unlike many other Thailand guides, this Kit offers practical advice and
direct links to information that will actually save you time and money.
You’ll get insider information only a select number of expats know about,

Save Over $100 on International Money Transfers

You’ll cash in on the cheapest ways to send money to Thailand in a
matter of days—with no hidden charges—while getting the lowest transfer
fees possible. With our country-specific recommendations, this can save
you over 50% of what you usually pay for a money transfer.

Get a Competitive Edge in Thailand’s Workplace

You’ll discover the off-the-beaten-path options that many professionals
have had success with, from business to television to modeling. But
that’s not all, you’ll also find out how to make yourself appealing to
companies in Thailand. And if you think teaching English is your only
option, think again.

Find Out The Easiest Way to Open a Thai Bank Account and Credit Card

We’ll introduce you to the specific bank branches that’ll let you open an
account—in just a single hour—with only your tourist visa. And well show
you which credit cards you can get with just a 30,000 baht a month salary.

Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Insurance

You’ll find out which is the right health insurance, offering cheap—but
quality—health coverage for expats. You’ll get insider knowledge that
helps you save on medical fees. And you’ll never have to worry when—not
if—that medical emergency strikes.

Stay in Thailand With a Long-Term Solution

You’ll find out how to stay in Thailand on the visa that’s right for you.
You’ll get a list of embassies that are easiest to work with when
applying for a visa. After reading this kit, you’ll have a better
understanding of how to overcome visa related issues.

Get Cheap Legal Advice and Free Consultations

We show you how to hire a professional lawyer even if you’re on a tight
budget. We show you how to negotiate lawyer rates. And we even introduce
you to the ways you can get free legal consultation.

Small Things Add Up: Here’s An Extra $100 USD Monthly

You’ll get big savings on the smaller—but more important—aspects of
everyday life in Thailand. Imagine saving 20% on groceries or saving 50%
on your cellphone bill every month through secret cell phones plans that
not even local Thais know about.

Earn Big Rewards and Fly For Free​

We introduce you to loyalty programs that’ll give you free tickets for
the least amount of points. You’ll also get insider tricks that’ll score
you business class or free seats. And as a bonus, we provide exclusive
tips that’ll save you money on taxis, rent-a-cars, and private

Cut Your Condo Rent or Purchase Price by 20% or More

We’ll also show you which condo developers to choose and which to avoid.
These are the very same tricks I used to score a 90 square meter
apartment in Silom for just 20,000 baht a month. And now it’s never been
easier because I show you exactly how to do the same.

Don’t Be the Biggest Foreigner in the Crowd

You’ll find out where and how to train in Thailand’s National Sport—Muay
Thai—and other martial arts for a discount. And if you’d rather exercise
for free, we’ll show you the outdoor gyms where you can do just that.

A Kit Based on Facts

This Kit was created by expats and researchers with decades worth of
experience in Thailand. No opinions. No lofty ideals. No rose-tinted
glasses. Just the facts that’ll save you thousands of dollars and hundreds
of hours of time.

A Word from the Author

When I first moved to Thailand in 2006 I struggled to find a resource that
would provide me with practical advice or direct links to anything that
would actually save me time and money. Over the years, I threw away
thousands of dollars on expenses and wasted hundreds of hours on tasks
related to expat life in Thailand. Now I’ve taken everything I’ve
discovered over the last decade and put it into this actionable Kit. It’s
designed to help you kick-start your life in Thailand—or improve your
current life as an expat.

Karsten Aichholz

This is Why We’ve Put Together This Actionable Kit!

I bought the Thailand Starter Kit eBook because I will move to Bangkok
soon. Even though I was reading a lot on other websites, Thailand Starter
Kit is actually the best and most helpful Thailand resource on the web.
Karsten and his team wrote very detailed reports that show the pros and
cons and highlights of every single subject in the Kit. The Kit is perfect
for expats planning to work and stay in Thailand. Starting with visa
info, legal affairs, accommodation and work, the Kit also illustrates
rare topics like bringing your pet to Thailand, learning Thai language,
or sending your kids to international schools. I’m sure every expat will
find the info very useful. A must have!

Dr. Marco Mollwitz, Consultant for General
& Occupational Medicine

Discover How to Save Money and Time—on Your Terms

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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m confident that if you apply the strategies in this Kit, you will be
able to land a job, save cash and time, and avoid the pitfalls of being an
expat in Thailand. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the Kit,
simply send me an email within 60 days of your download date and I will
refund 100% of your money.

Saran Lhawpongsawad